You can Help!

Feeding Scheme

Woolworths helps us by donating excess fresh food that has been put aside to hand over to various charities. We don’t know beforehand what we will receive and we receive only that which has been put aside. Although we are extremely grateful, we sometimes fall short on foods such as:

  1. Mince
  2. Non-Perishable Products

These have to be sourced elsewhere.
You could support us by donating some of these food stuffs.

Winter Warmth

Donations of blankets during the cold winter months are always much appreciated.

Soup Kitchen

Food donations such as staple food (pap, rice, pasta, mince, fruit, concentrated fruit drinks and maybe some sweets here and there) could be provided will be much appreciated in order to assist us with feeding these children.


We would like to incorporate computers to assist in searching for books available on the shelves of our library as well as giving people access to to the internet for school projects and research.
With access to computers in the library, we could give underpriveledged children equal opportunities to achieve good marks for projects with access to better and more information.

Christmas Party

Money: Assisting in the purchase of the food and beverages. Getting the children and parents to the event if transport is a concern. For the entertainment, equipment has to be hired for the day for the children.

Gifts: Christmas is not Christmas without making children smile and seeing them happy and any toy donations, preferably new, to give to these children on the most important day of the year, are always much appreciated.

Swannieville Young Stars

The facilities available in Swannieville are poor, recreation is needed and money to host home events is non-existent. When Swannieville Sports Club hosts events,we assist with funding and providing cooked, ready-to-eat meals and drinks for the children, staff and parents involved at the event.
We host events to raise funds for the improvement of the following club facilities:

  1. Gym
  2. Cricket Nets
  3. Toilets
  4. Clubhouse

Donations towards this end will be are always welcome