Our History

A friend in need is a registered Non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation (NPO 020 566 , PBO930009231))

We opened our doors in 2002, and we strive to make a difference in the lives of those in need, regardless of race, creed or religion.

With no funds available to provide for the needs of these people, Friend in Need had to rely on food donations from Woolworths stores in the area, and the rest of the food was purchased by the Friend in Need. The founders used their private vehicle to drive to the Woolworths Branches to fetch these foods.

Over the years, we were blessed. Money was donated by various companies, including and especially THE NATIONAL LOTTERY, to A FRIEND IN NEED. These donations have aided us in helping underpriviledged communities by enabling us to purchase a truck and employ a driver to fetch food for the people in need.

Friend in Need won the Mogale City's mayoral award for "Best Social Development Project" in 2007.

But much remains to be done. We believe that as people, we all leave our foot print on the world around us, and by reaching out to the helpless and the hopeless, we can build a nation with a culture of compassion.